Crushed stone is one of the most durable, attractive landscaping materials available, with qualities that can make any lawn or garden pop. Thanks to its unique texture, strength, and mix of colors, this element can lend any project an aura of sophistication and charm. If you’re renovating your outdoor spaces, below are a few ideas for adding stone into the design.

How to Incorporate Crushed Stone in Your Yard

1. Protect Flower Beds

Using stone around flowering plants can create a beautiful color contrast, especially if you surround each bed with larger rocks. A layer of stone also serves many of the same purposes as mulch, protecting soil from erosion and preventing the growth of weeds.

2. Create Drainage Channels

crushed stonePouring crushed stone on the lowest points of the lawn creates attractive drainage channels that allow rainwater to seep into the soil. This reduces puddles and serves as a charming design element, mimicking the look of stone riverbeds or ponds.

3. Pave Beautiful Walkways

Walkways paved with crushed stone will give any garden a rustic, Old World atmosphere. However, remember to line the walkway with pavers to keep rock chips from washing away and scattering across the property.

4. Design a Unique Driveway

Gravel rocks are typically rounded, while crushed stone is generally more angular. Thanks to this unique texture, this material tends to stand out more, giving your driveway a more decorative flair. The hard edges and angles also make crushed rock less likely to roll away, making these driveways easier to maintain.


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