When it comes to driveway construction, asphalt and concrete are the most common material options. Both offer many benefits, but this can make the decision-making process more challenging. Learn about the differences between these choices below, so you can rest assured your completed driveway lives up to expectations.


You’re probably familiar with asphalt thanks to its use on most roads and highways. This material is made of aggregates, such as crushed rocks and sand, held together by a binding agent. Good asphalt installation can last as long as 20 years, but the right maintenance is crucial for an extended lifespan. Seal-coating is an important part of maintaining the material, as it'll prevent water from penetrating the surface. This should take place every three years for the best results.

concreteAfter installation, an asphalt driveway can be used almost immediately. Should cracks occur, they can be repaired rather easily. However, fuel leaks from vehicles should be cleaned up quickly, as they can degrade the pavement.


Concrete is made of a few different materials, including cement, sand, and aggregates. Pigment can also be added for a unique look, and the material can be stamped into shapes. Concrete can also last as long as 40 years with the right maintenance, which includes having the surface sealed every five years to prevent water intrusion. When water penetrates concrete and freezes, there's a risk the material will crack.

After installation, concrete must be given time to cure or harden. Give the installation at least 24 hours before walking on it, and don't drive on the concrete for at least 10 days. The surface will cure completely within about 28 days, which means it can accommodate heavier vehicles, such as work trucks loaded with equipment.


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