If your driveway, parking lot, or road is looking worse for wear, installing a durable paving material will extend its lifespan and make it easier for cars and pedestrians to navigate. When deciding which material to install, there are several benefits associated with bituminous concrete, though this material is often overlooked. To decide if this is a good alternative for you, learn more about it below.

What Is Bituminous Concrete?

Unlike traditional concrete, bituminous concrete contains no cement. The paving mixture is made with stone and other aggregates that bond together with bitumen, creating a tar-like substance that's a byproduct of petroleum refining. Once it cures, bitumen forms a solid, durable barrier to protect the sub-base underneath.

bituminous concreteBituminous concrete is used for both new construction and repairs. After a road, parking lot, or driveway is graded, the mixture can be poured directly on the gravel sub-base and then flattened and compacted with paving equipment. The concrete is also poured over cracks and voids to seal the surfaces and prevent water infiltration.

What Are the Benefits of Bituminous Concrete?

Bituminous concrete has a low melting point, meaning it won't melt and warp during heatwaves in the spring and summer months. The melting point also makes the material reasonably easy to recycle and reuse, which means it won't eventually end up in an overcrowded landfill.

Unlike regular concrete, bituminous varieties are often black in appearance, which also adds to the appeal. The darker surface won't show oil stains, tire marks, and other signs of wear as easily as light gray pavement, improving the curb appeal of your property. Dyes can also be added to the mixture to make the pavement more unique.


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