When it comes to staying healthy, family history is an essential guide. It can offer your doctor clues as to what conditions you’re likely to develop down the road. If your parents or grandparents had osteoporosis, a condition marked by decreased bone mass and density, you are more likely to develop it. You’re also more at risk if you drink and smoke, have a petite frame, and are a woman over 50. To stave off this bone disease, you’ll need to focus on strengthening your skeleton through your diet. If you’re at risk for osteoporosis, stock up on these three foods.

3 Foods Doctors Recommend for Strong Bones

1. Yogurt

To get strong bones, you need to consume calcium, but for the body to absorb calcium, you need to have enough vitamin D. Luckily, yogurt features both of these nutrients. With just one cup of plain yogurt, you’ll get 20% of the recommended daily helping of vitamin D and 30% of the daily helping of calcium. Dress up your plain yogurt with blueberries, which may help prevent osteoporosis

2. Leafy Greens

doctorWhile a salad may be known as a great meal for your figure, leafy greens are also essential to bone health. Dark veggies like kale, bok choy, and turnip greens include both hefty portions of calcium and vitamin K, which may lower the risk of osteoporosis. After just one cup of cooked spinach, you’ll have consumed 25% of your daily calcium quota

3. Fish

When you’re craving something more substantial, reach for fish to strengthen your bones. Canned tuna contains plenty of vitamin D; three ounces will meet nearly 40% of your daily recommended intake. Grill a filet of salmon for both vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, which may also strengthen your bones by improving cell turnover. For an additional calcium boost, stick to canned salmon, which incorporates soft, tiny pieces of bone.


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