A sports physical is an essential part of ensuring your teenager is healthy enough to enjoy sports safely and successfully. Not only can this give you and your child a better understanding of their overall health, but it will also increase the chances of successful treatments for any injuries that occur during athletic activity. Read on to learn more about what these exams involve and why they’re important.

A Parent’s Guide to Pre-Season Sports Physicals

What Is the Importance of a Sports Physical?

The primary purpose of these exams is to rule out the risk of any injury, either previously inflicted or due to other risk factors. High school athletics might not be as demanding as professional level sports, but they’re still a strain on the body, and the risk of injury is ever-present. That’s why many states, Alaska included, require an annual exam to screen for any potential problems. Additionally, teachers and coaches, while leading practice sessions and games, will bear significant responsibility for your teenager’s health and safety. To prepare them to ensure your child’s health and enjoyment, they’ll require a full picture of their health before the season begins.

What Does a Sports Physical Entail?

physicalA physician will examine several key factors during an exam, including:

  • Are you in good overall health?
  • Do you have any chronic health conditions which might interfere with your ability to compete?
  • Do you have any existing injuries, and if so, how are they healing?
  • Is your growth progressing normally for your age?
  • Have you discovered any previously unknown health conditions such as heart conditions or asthma?

Through asking these questions, an examiner will be able to form a complete picture of your teenager’s health while ruling out common risk factors likely to result in complications or injuries from participating in sports.

After your child has gone through this process and if they’ve been determined to not be at risk of playing, they’ll be medically cleared. Medical clearance is essential for coaches to understand their players’ capabilities and to plan rosters and game plans. If your teenager isn’t quite ready to play after an injury, you can consult with a doctor to draw up a rehabilitation plan in time to prepare them for the start of the athletic season.


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