Getting a manicure is a rewarding way to relax and practice self-care so that you look and feel your best. Unfortunately, everyday activities, like typing at the computer and doing dishes, can take their toll on the look. Here are a few simple steps to follow to help your gel or acrylic polish last between appointments.

Gel Manicure


Most gel manicures can last up to two weeks, and you can get a fill once the new nail begins to grow. The old color coat will be gently sanded down, and the new gel will be applied over the entire nail, including the area of new growth.

To protect the look between fills, wear gloves when doing dishes. Hot water erodes the gel's base and top layers, reducing their life spans and leaving the color vulnerable to chips. You should also use cuticle oil to keep the skin around the nail beds moist--this will help prevent hangnails. 


If you've decided to take a break from gel polish, always go to a salon for professional removal. They'll take the gel off by soaking it in acetone, and then the technician will gently remove any lingering color by using professional-grade tools that won't damage your natural nail.


Your nails may be weak and dry after being under polish for a long period, so ask the technician to apply a strengthening treatment. This product is formulated with nutrients to fortify the nail and combat dullness. After leaving the salon, keep your nails short to reduce the chances of breakage and hangnails.

Acrylic Manicure 


Acrylic nails should be filled every two to three weeks. Like gel, acrylic can also be damaged by hot water. Wear rubber gloves for dishwashing, or use lukewarm water to prevent damage. If you've had regular polish applied over your acrylics, add a fresh top coat at home occasionally to protect them.


Have your acrylic nails removed every month so that the natural nail can breathe. After the technician takes them off, use a hardening agent daily for two weeks to strengthen the nail, which may be weak after being under the acrylic for a while.

Avoid trimming your cuticles, as they'll protect the new nail growth while it comes in. You should also hydrate your hands with a rich moisturizer to keep the skin around the nails looking healthy and spur new growth.


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