After a visit to the hair salon for a color treatment, your locks change in more than appearance. This type of complete transformation affects overall hair health and leaves it needing gentle, more specific care. If you have color-treated hair, make sure your care routine follows these do’s and don’ts. 


Avoid heat.

Blow dryers and heated styling tools can dehydrate hair and shorten the color’s lifespan. Keep tools on their lowest settings, and invest in a heat protectant spray. The same rule applies to showers. Running superheated water through your hair encourages the strands' cuticle cells to open up and shed the color treatment. Wash in warm water and rinse with cold to help the dye hold fast.

Wear a hat.

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The UV rays in sunlight fade color treatments. When spending long hours outside, wear a hat that covers your hair. Use shampoo and conditioner with SPF for additional protection.


Shampoo frequently.

After visiting the hair salon, give the dye at least two days to set before shampooing. Then, only wash with water two or three times a week. Color treatments reduce hair’s natural oils, and daily shampooing can leave it dry or brittle. Every rinse washes a bit of the dye off, so the fewer showers you take, the longer the color will last. Between showers, use a dry shampoo to keep things looking fresh. 

Dip it in the swimming pool.

Not only is chlorine dehydrating, but it can also fade dyes and cause them to turn an undesirable shade of green. Before entering chlorinated water, wet your hair completely with fresh water—saturating it with healthy moisture stops chlorine from penetrating as deeply. Then coat it with a treatment mask or leave-in conditioner. This layer of protection will repel unwanted chemicals. Another option to prevent chlorine contact is to bundle your hair into a swimming cap.


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