Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's time to prepare for the rest of the holiday season. As you begin to plan out upcoming holiday festivities, meals, and outfits, be sure to head to the nail salon and ask for a festive manicure that will be the talk of all your holiday events. Here are a few of the trendiest holiday manicure ideas of 2021 to inspire you along the way.

A Guide to Festive Manicures Trends

1. Silver Tips

A fun twist on a classic or ombre French manicure is to add silver tips rather than white. While chrome or foiled silver can emulate tinsel and tree-topping stars, silver glitter sparkles like a fresh blanket of snow. 

2. Sequins

Red, green, or gold sequins sealed under a glossy gel or acrylic topcoat will create a classic formal holiday aesthetic. Unlike your festive sequined party dress, you can wear your manicure for weeks without the need for dry cleaning.  

3. Ornaments

Nail salon

Start with a gold, silver, green, or red base, and then add a variety of tiny holiday ornaments in contrasting colors. Stick to a vintage theme or even consider asking the technician at your nail salon to recreate your favorites hanging from your tree at home.

4. Candy Cane Stripes

Candy cane stripes embody the holiday spirit. This bright and cheery pattern is full of contrast and brings up memories of sweet treats after visiting Santa.

5. Ribbons & Bows

Everyone knows the best holiday gifts are the ones with the prettiest bows. Ask your technician to paint ribbons and bows on your nails. For a sophisticated look, try gold or silver on a black or white base. For a more whimsical approach, select bright and cheerful holiday colors like red, green, and white.

6. Gold Foil Flakes

Gold foil flakes can elevate any manicure from cute to gorgeous. A base coat of deep green, red, or black with a velvety matte finish will make your gold flakes pop and bring about an elegant holiday feel. 

7. Snowflakes

If it's more your style to celebrate the season than to celebrate a particular holiday, you can depict a classic winter scene on your nails. A blue-to-white gradient decorated with sparkling silver glitter, gems, or painted snowflakes creates a scene straight from a snow globe.


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