February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day, which pays homage to the iconic childhood figure. While it might seem like the tooth fairy has been around for ages, she's actually a very recent invention. She can also comfort your kids when they express anxiety about losing teeth, brushing, or even trips to the dentist. Here are a few surprising tooth fairy facts. 

The History of the Tooth Fairy

Surprisingly, the tooth fairy is a specifically American invention. The figure's first official appearance was in a stage play made for children circa 1927. However, many other cultures have their own tooth-loss myths, some of which date back many years. 

There are stories in numerous cultures of children “sacrificing” their lost teeth to rodents like mice, who were said to come into children's rooms at night in search of offerings. Mice are known for having sturdy teeth capable of chewing through even the strongest materials, and the practice seemingly originated so that kids could enjoy the same durable dental health in adulthood. 


It's believed that the American tooth fairy took a part of these myths, namely the sacrificing of a lost tooth to a magical figure, and combined them with the myth of fairies, which was popular in European lore. 

How to Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day With Your Children

Despite her fantastical nature, the tooth fairy is a wonderful tool for teaching your kids about dental health. On Tooth Fairy Day, set time aside for fun activities focusing on oral hygiene. If you have budding artists in the family, ask them to draw their interpretations of what the tooth fairy looks like. You can also look for movies or books involving the character and share them with your kids. 

When it comes to at-home oral health, take your kids shopping for a new brush to celebrate the holiday. Choose a kid-friendly toothpaste as well, which is available in flavors like bubble gum, cherry, and blueberry. 


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