Creating a garden from scratch is enormously rewarding. You’ll witness the fruits of your labor as your beds thrive and your blooms flourish. Choosing flowers and plants is only a small part of a much bigger task, however. Keep these crucial points in mind to ensure that your outdoor space looks its best.

5 Key Steps for Creating a Garden

1. Select the Right Location

Narrow down your garden to a specific location in your yard, keeping in mind that nearly all flowering plants and vegetables require full sun exposure. That amounts to anywhere from six to eight hours daily, so it’s important to select wisely. If your yard is primarily shaded, you’ll need to select varieties that grow successfully in partial or full shade instead. Opt for flat ground, if possible, as it’s easier to control growth and manage issues like erosion.

2. Test the Soil Quality

The quality of the soil will affect the integrity of your plants, so it’s important to test it and fill in the gaps if it’s missing any nutrients. Do-it-yourself testing kits available at garden centers can tell you the basics of what you need to know. Adding organic matter, such as compost or aged manure, is a simple way to replenish the soil and provide your new plantings with the nourishment they require to thrive. 

3. Always Rely on Mulch


Mulch is an attractive addition to a well-rounded garden, and not only because it improves its appearance. It also inhibits weed growth by preventing the seeds from germinating. Weeds can easily steal vital nutrients, oxygen, and moisture from your flowers and vegetables otherwise. Mulch also regulates soil temperatures and holds moisture in place, so you won’t have to water as frequently.  

4. Use the Right Tools

Always start with the basics to cultivate an attractive garden. Make sure you have a pair of hefty work gloves, along with a high-quality shovel, a scoop for moving soil, hand-pruners to trim branches and stems as needed, and a pruning saw to target more compact spaces if you need to prune a shrub. 

5. Make Gardening a Habit

Your garden will only flourish if you put the time and energy into ensuring that it looks its best. Test the soil by inserting a finger about an inch deep; if it feels dry, it’s time to water. Always pull weeds before the seeds have a chance to germinate. Prune away diseased or decaying elements. Be mindful of potential insect infestations. The more attention you give your garden, the better it will look.


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