Starting a greenhouse garden is a fantastic way to give your green thumb a workout. Not only can you enjoy the fruits of your labor year-round, but indoor plants can also brighten up your space considerably. Here’s everything you should know about starting your own garden in a greenhouse.

What Is a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure dedicated to cultivating indoor plants. They’re made with either plastic or glass, allowing enough ultraviolet light to flow into the space and nourish the greenery.

In Alaska, greenhouses are especially useful because they easily shield plants and crops from inclement weather. You can grow anything that you want at any time of the year, and you can even transfer plants from inside to your garden when temperatures rise.

How Should You Plan It?

greenhouseThere are several points to consider, including the size of the structure. Determine how many plants you plan to grow, and how much room they’ll need.

Think about location, too. Can you position it in a spot near trees that provide optimal shade in the summertime and enough sunshine at the end of the year?

Ideally, it falls somewhere in the middle — not too sunny or too shady, but bright enough during the morning and afternoon. Choose a sturdy and durable frame made with welded aluminum to ensure it can support snowfall and other weather concerns. Finally, ensure that the windows are energy-efficient and air-tight.

What Are Some Gardening Tips?

If you’re new to growing indoor plants, choose a few simple options to start. Carrots, strawberries, and lettuce are all popular candidates that are easy to grow.

Make sure to group similar plants together to maintain an organized greenhouse. Aim to plant at least 25% more seeds than you might otherwise; this is important because not every seed will germinate and thrive.

To encourage certain plants on vines to grow vertically, like tomatoes and beans, place them on an elevated bench to ensure they have enough room. Inspect fertilizers closely to ensure you select the appropriate formulas for your plants and crops.

A standard 20-20-20 blend contains equal amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, but some plants may require more specialized products with more or less of a particular nutrient.


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