If the septic tank on your property is underground, you may be wondering if you can build on top of or near it when putting up a new structure or expanding the current one. However, there are several disadvantages to doing so. Here, Sewer Solutions, a leading plumbing installation company in Hilo, HI, shares some information on what happens when you build over a septic system.

What Are the Parts of a Septic System?

A typical septic system has four major components: the pipe from your home, a septic tank, a drain or leach field, and the soil surrounding this leach field. The pipe carries wastewater from your plumbing installation to the septic tank, where it is treated before being brought to the leach field. Contaminants are removed from the wastewater, which is then released slowly into the soil. Of these four components, the septic tank and the leach field are the ones that should be avoided entirely when planning a new home construction or addition.

Why Should You Avoid Building on Top of Them?

The septic plumbing installationtank needs periodic pumping and maintenance, which requires full access to it. If you build over it, the sewer pumping crew may not be able to do their job properly. One workaround is to install removable boards or trap doors to retain access to the septic tank. The leach field, meanwhile, uses the soil around it to process the effluent from the septic tank. Building on top of it will severely compromise its function. Not to mention you would be building over an area that contains sewage water, which is unsanitary.

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