Apartment dwellers are no strangers to maintenance issues. But one problem that can quickly turn into a nightmare is the appearance of bedbugs in your home. Although they’re a nuisance, the sudden appearance of these pests doesn’t mean you have to find a new place to live. Following these essential do’s and don’ts will ensure a reliable resolution to the problem.


Contact your landlord as soon as possible.

If you think you have bedbugs, you must reach out to your landlord or property manager right away. They can schedule professional treatment services to keep the problem from getting out of hand. If you wait, you increase the risk of spreading the bedbugs to your neighbors.

Limit visitors.

bedbugsIf you have bedbugs, your social life will need to take a temporary hiatus. These tiny pests can hitch a ride on clothing, so inviting others to your home or going to visit someone else could quickly spread the infestation. Even sleeping on another piece of furniture in your apartment could make the bedbugs harder to eliminate.


Attempt DIY extermination.

Bedbug removal should always be left to an experienced exterminator. These professionals have the most effective products and know how to apply treatments to keep bedbugs from coming back. Many who attempt DIY extermination use pesticides, rubbing alcohol, or even gasoline, which are ineffective and can make you sick.

Throw away your furniture.

You don’t have to throw out your furniture after a bedbug infestation. Many treatment services can completely kill the bedbugs that have begun nesting in your furniture. Throwing out infected items increases the risk of spreading the problem to neighboring apartments.


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