From restaurants to bars, a wide range of businesses depend on commercial ice machines. With routine maintenance and cleaning, these depositories can provide years of reliable service. However, at the end of the machine’s life span, you’ll need a new one. Here some telltale signs that the device might need replacing.

When to Replace Your Commercial Ice Machine

1. Leaks

Pay attention to the size of the ice cubes. If they look larger than unusual, a leak may be present. Water puddles around the appliance’s base also point toward a leak. If any of these instances continue to occur even after regular repairs, the machine may need to be replaced. 

2. Temperature Changes

Constant and fluctuating changes in the machine’s water temperatures should also be examined. A commercial ice machine’s temperature shouldn’t exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher than that can slow down ice production or cause a complete shutdown. 

3. No Ice

commercial ice machinesIf the machine fails to produce any ice shortly after repairs were made, it may be time for a new one. Common culprits include a damaged water filter or water inlet. When these components stop working and new parts don’t fix the problem, the machine could be on its last legs.

4. Repetitive Short Cycling

When an ice machine turns on and off throughout the day, it’s known as short cycling. Faulty electrical systems and overheated internal parts may result in repetitive activity.

Short cycling forces the machine to work harder than needed and can increase your energy costs. A new model will keep expenses down in addition to providing reliable ice production.


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