How do people choose lawyers to represent them when they face the breakup of their marriage? Robert G. Moore, Attorney at Law in Jackson, CA, answers that question frequently. With more than 40 years of experience as a divorce attorney, he has a deep understanding of what it takes to find the right lawyer when going through the complex process of divorce. To help inform the public, Attorney Moore outlines what individuals should look for when they need divorce attorneys.

Here are qualities a divorce attorney should have:

  • divorce-attorney-Jackson-CAExperience: Individuals seeking legal advice and representation for divorce cases should consult lawyers who devote most of their practice to divorce and family law. The attorneys should be knowledgeable about the judges and procedures in the courts where the cases will be heard. When divorces involve children, it is important to hire attorneys who frequently handle child custody and support matters. 
  • Time & Accessibility: Divorce cases can be time-consuming. Court appearances, negotiations, and mediation sessions all require an attorney’s direct involvement. Individuals looking for divorce lawyers need to find out whether the attorneys can devote the time necessary to handle their cases and will be accessible to the clients when needed. Phone calls or emails should be answered within one business day, and there should be a way to reach the attorney in emergencies. 
  • Compassion & Trust: Divorce lawyers help clients make wise, unemotional decisions and are their strong advocates. At the same time, the lawyers should display compassion and empathy for their clients. Clients should feel comfortable confiding in their divorce attorneys, and there should be mutual respect and trust. 

Robert G. Moore, Attorney at Law provides his divorce clients experienced, effective, and compassionate advocacy. Attorney Moore treats every client with respect and professionalism and works hard to instill trust and peace of mind throughout the divorce process.

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