For those who are in the midst of a divorce or are changing their child custody arrangements, child support is a subject that may weigh heavily on your mind. Robert G. Moore, Attorney at Law in Jackson, CA, receives frequent questions about the different aspects of child support, including who pays, how it works, and what it costs. Here are the most common questions his clients face.

Child Support FAQs

Will My Ex or I Have to Pay Child Support?

child supportThis depends on two factors: Your income levels and who has custody of your children. If you have your children the majority of the time and your ex has a higher income, you will likely be awarded child support. How much depends on the exact numbers in your individual situation.

What Happens If Child Support Isn't Paid?

If your ex fails to pay court-ordered child support promptly and regularly, they may have wages garnished or other collection measures taken against them. It will also hurt their chances of securing future rulings in their favor regarding custody and child support.

When Does a Child Support Order End?

In general, child support continues until your child is an adult. Age 18 is the earliest they stop qualifying for child support, but they may continue to receive it until age 19 as long as they are still in high school.

Can a Child Support Order Be Changed?

If you believe a child support order is unfair or if you have a change in circumstances that you think should affect the order, you can file a motion to modify it. This can be used to increase, decrease, suspend, or terminate child support payments.

While child support can be an intimidating subject, an experienced family law attorney will teach you what to expect and help you through the process. If you have other questions regarding child support, Robert G. Moore, Attorney at Law will answer them. Call (209) 257-1728 today or contact him online to arrange a consultation.