Alimony in California is referred to as spousal support.  The amount of alimony (or spousal support) that a spouse (husband or wife) will pay the other during separation or divorce is dependent on many factors.  These factors can include things such as the length of the marriage, the lifestyle during the marriage, and income of the spouses.  Spousal support is ordered in two phases.  The first is “pendente lite.” Pendente lite is a Latin term meaning "awaiting the litigation" or "pending the litigation" which applies to court orders which are in effect while a matter (such as a divorce) is pending. In divorce a pendente lite order is often used to provide for the support of the lower income spouse while the legal process moves ahead.  The second phase is considered to be permanent support, which is decided in the final stages of a divorce.

To accurately asses your current and/or pending divorce and marital circumstances, you should seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney.

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