While all divorces will involve some level of difficulty, the process can be particularly challenging for parents—especially when it comes to determining child custody. Ideally, partners would come to a solution that allowed children to maintain access to both parents. But when each party can’t agree, the matter will have to be decided by the court. If you’re facing a child custody battle and are concerned about your parental rights, here are five common mistakes that you should avoid.

What Not to Do During a Child Custody Case

1. Making Revenge a Priority

When individuals are hurt by a spouse, they may use divorce as an opportunity for revenge. However, letting these emotions form the basis of your strategy can lead to lasting damage. For example, your ex may take your actions as a cue to be more aggressive in court. This conflict can also cause kids to form negative, undeserved associations of either parent.  

2. Disobeying Court Orders

custodyUntil custody decisions are made, the court may order you to take certain actions, such as following a visitation schedule or providing temporary child support. While you may not agree with these orders, you must follow them. If you don’t, you may jeopardize your custodial rights and also put yourself at risk of going to jail.

3. Placing the Decision on Children

Never expect children to make decisions about their custody. This question places a significant amount of stress on kids, which may leave them with lasting emotional trauma. Kids may also not always be honest when presented with this question by a parent.

If the court decides that it’s appropriate, the child may be asked if they have preferences. However, these perspectives won’t necessarily determine the custody outcome.

4. Make Too Many Life Changes at Once

Avoid major life changes that aren’t necessary, such as moving in with a new partner or taking a new job. In the court’s eyes, these changes may make it seem like you won’t be able to provide a stable environment for your child once the divorce is finalized.



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