Divorce proceedings can impact your finances, especially when discussions involve spousal support. During this time, a divorce attorney can help you navigate the complexities and costs of providing or receiving financial assistance. Below are a few answers to commonly asked questions about the process.

What to Know About Spousal Support

What is spousal support?

Sometimes known as alimony, spousal support refers to payments given to a former spouse after divorce. These payments limit the economic effects of separation to someone whose standard of living may decline.

Some divorced spouses, such as non- or low-wage earners, do not have the means to support themselves or lack the time to develop the necessary skills for a new position.

How is the amount determined?

divorce attorneyThe amount of spousal support varies significantly. A divorce attorney can help you determine the fair amount. 

The court will look at many factors, such as the length of the marriage and standard of living before separating. They will also account for the physical condition, age, mental state, and financial capability of both parties.

Can it be terminated?

Spousal support can have a set termination date. There are several conditions for when it can end or be reduced. Since it is rehabilitative, alimony serves as a temporary solution until the supported spouse finds a way to provide for themselves.

Once they have remarried, become involved in a new domestic partnership, or received a pay raise, you may request an end to your obligation. If you’re the paying spouse and have been laid off or injured, you may also file a motion to cut down on payments.

Is it always part of the divorce process?

Contrary to popular belief, spousal support isn’t always part of divorce proceedings. It’s only involved when the other party is at a disadvantage over financial matters.

If you’re the paying spouse, you should be proactive in determining the justified amount to pay and its termination date.


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