Storing summer clothing when the colder months arrive is a helpful decluttering tactic. It frees up space in your primary wardrobe and makes room for the bulkier winter gear you’ll soon need. Follow these helpful tips to keep your items in perfect condition so they’re ready for use next year.

How to Store Summer Clothing

1. Wash & Dry

Stains can set into the fabric when left sitting for prolonged periods. Any food embedded in the clothes can also cause unpleasant odors.

Wash your clothes before placing them in storage to avoid these issues. Dry items completely before proceeding to prevent mildew and mold growth.

2. Declutter

DeclutteringThis is the perfect time to take inventory of your clothes and decide what you want to keep.

As you sort through your summer gear, create three separate piles. One should be garments to keep, another should be items to donate, and the third should be for damaged clothing that needs to be thrown away. Downsizing now reduces the number of items you need to keep in storage, keeping your closet streamlined and manageable.

3. Use the Right Containers

While cardboard boxes are okay to use for a short period, they contain acidic particles that cause discoloration in the long term. Pests can also eat through the material and damage your clothes.

Instead, use sealable solutions, such as plastic boxes or storage bags with zippers. These offer plenty of protection, and are transparent so it’s easier to know what’s inside them.

4. Add Protection

Place layers of scented tissue paper or dryer sheets between the clothes going into storage to keep them smelling fresh throughout the off-season.

It’s also recommended to include moth repellents in all containers. Simple solutions like lavender bags or cedar wood naturally deter moths that could eat away at the fabric.

5. Choose the Best Location

Avoid storing summer clothes in an unfinished attic, garage, or basement. These spots are humid and dark, so mildew and mold can grow on the materials.

Store your containers in a clean, dry, dark closet that has plenty of ventilation. Keep the closet shut to protect items from ultraviolet rays, which cause fading.


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