Many women have several bags for different occasions. When storing handbags, proper home organization provides easy access to them and preserves their appearance. The following guide will help you keep them pristine in the short and long term.

A Home Organization Guide to Purse Storage

1. Clean Them

Dirt, dust, and other particles can dull the colors of your bags and damage their finishes over time.

home organizationUse a lint brush or vacuum attachment to remove loose debris from the interior. Then, soak a clean cloth in mild soap and warm water, squeezing out the excess before wiping down the exterior of the bag. For leather, use a specialized cleaner to preserve the finish. Let all bags air dry before putting them away to prevent odors and mildew.

2. Stuff Them

Leaving belongings in your rarely used purses could create uneven weight, distorting their shapes and causing premature wear.

Take all items out and fill the interior with light stuffing material, such as acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap. These fillings will stabilize the sides of the bag and keep them from sagging.

3. Keep Them Separate

Placing smaller purses inside larger ones may seem like a smart alternative to the step above, but keeping materials against each other causes deep-set wrinkles.

Keep your purses separate. Rather than hanging them by their straps, set them upright on a shelf with at least an inch of space between items. The bottom support prevents stretching and helps them maintain their shapes.


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