Unless you’re a connoisseur of whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or all three, you may not know how these liquors differ from one another. Whether you’re purchasing a gift for a whiskey lover or you’re trying to decide which spirits to have on hand for your next get-together, it’s certainly worthwhile to pursue an understanding of each drink’s key characteristics.

As a leading wine, beer, and liquor store in Norwich, CT, Universal Discount Package Store is well-versed on these drinks and their differentiating qualities. Here, they shed some need-to-know information on each:

  • Whisky: Whiskey (spelled “whiskey” in most places other than the U.S.) is a distilled alcohol produced from a medley of fermented grains, typically including white, rye, corn, or barley. It gets its brown hue from oak casks, which are used to store and age the liquor for varying lengths of time. The term whiskey is an umbrella term referring to a large group of spirits, under which scotch and bourbon fall.


  • Scotch: To qualify as a Scotch, whiskey must be produced in Scotland. Scotch aficionados also only consider a drink to be a Scotch if it’s been aged in oak barrels for at least three years. It consists of malted barley and tends to have a smoky taste. While traditionalists sip the drink without ice or accompanying mixers, some Scotch lovers pair it with sweet vermouth.
  • Bourbon: Like Scotch, bourbon gets its name from its place of origin. Originally developed in “Old Bourbon,” Kentucky, this type of whiskey must be made from a grain mash consisting of at least 51% corn. Legally, it must also be stored in charred oak barrels and must not feature any other additives to receive the Bourbon classification.

Since you now have a basic understanding of these different liquors, you can do your own research to determine which one you like best! Stop by Universal Discount Package Store for an ample selection of whiskey, and if you’re not sure where to start, simply ask for a recommendation. You can also speak with a store associate by calling (860) 889-6555, or visit the store online and the Facebook page to learn more.