Wine is a versatile beverage that can be served at different events, such as fancy dinner parties and casual gatherings. While many people enjoy drinking the beverage, there are some who may not know how to savor it properly, how to pick the right bottle at a wine store, or how to preserve the rest of the drink if you don’t finish it in one sitting. To help you find and store your ideal wine, consider this brief guide. 

What Is Wine Body?

As it relates to wine, the term “body” refers to how the drink feels on the tongue, or its heaviness. The feel of the wine is determined by the grape variety, alcohol, sugar, and tannin, which is a compound found in grape skins that produce a drying effect in the mouth.

There are three types of bodies: full, medium, and light. A light-bodied wine, like Prosecco or chardonnay, will feel similar to water in your mouth, which is considered to be refreshing. Medium-body, however, is somewhere between skim and whole milk, and it is the perfect wine to drink with meals because it complements food without being overpowering. The heaviest wines are full-bodied, and they can feel almost like a cream. They also have high alcohol and sugar content.

How Do You Taste Wine?

wine storeProperly tasting wine involves more than taking a sip and swallowing it down. First, swirl the wine in the glass to force oxygen into the liquid, which helps the wine release its aroma. Then, smell the beverage by putting your nose into the glass and taking a deep breath. This step helps your brain detect scents within the wine like plums, cherries, or lemon rinds. Finally, sip the drink from the glass and let it sit in your mouth for a moment, so that it touches all the taste buds on your tongue. 

How Do I Store Wine After Opening?

After you’ve selected your bottle from the wine store and enjoyed a glass or two, you may have some left over. Unfortunately, the wine quickly oxidizes when left exposed to the air for more than a few hours. However, you can preserve your leftover wine by using the cork to seal the bottle airtight.  



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