Wine is a perfect addition to any great meal or social engagement. But enjoying the drink—and flavors in general—can become even more pleasurable with a little practice. The next time you’re picking up your favorite drink at a wine shop, follow the tasting tips below to enhance your experience. 

5 Ways to Enjoy Wine & Expand Your Palate

1. Prepare Your Senses

To maximize your wine-tasting abilities, begin with a clear olfactory and palate. Avoid exposure to strong aromas beforehand, including perfumes, smoke, and cooking food. Steer clear of meals that include spices or artichokes since they inhibit your ability to perceive a wine’s flavor.

2. Consider the Approach

Always hold the wine glass by its stem to ensure your hands don’t warm the contents. Observe the liquid up-close before it ever meets your lips. Color and aroma reveal the health and age of the wine. Older wines appear more transparent and faded. Younger wines are more vibrant and rich.

3. Savor a Sniff

wine shopSwirl and sniff wine for a preview before tasting. Does the wine smell like fresh, healthy fruit? Primary aromas ranging from fruity and spicy to floral and mineral are detected by receptors in your nose and at the back of your mouth. Secondary aromas are yeasty or bread-like from the wine’s fermentation process, while savory tertiary aromas like nuts and cedar come from aging inside the barrel.

4. Take a Sip

Once the wine meets your taste buds, identify its balance of sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness. Try to detect tannin content by paying close attention to its provocation of a bitter, dry-mouth feeling. The wine’s “finish” is how long the flavors linger. Usually, a longer finish indicates a finer wine. The best drinks may boast finishes that endure for a minute or more.

5. Focus on Taste, Aroma, Body & Bouquet

Novice wine lovers may confuse taste with body, bouquet, or aroma. Taste is a measure of wine’s sweetness, bitterness, and texture. Body is how the wine affects the mouth due to alcohol content. More alcohol delivers that familiar, rough tingle that means greater body.

Bouquet is the scent wine gets from age and fermentation, while aroma is the smell of the specific grape. Visit your favorite wine shop for practice identifying these characteristics. It’s sure to broaden your palate and enhance your pleasure whenever you eat or drink.



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