Having a beer after a long day of work can help you unwind and relieve some stress. If you want a better drinking experience, you should learn the art of pouring beer into a glass. Before you head to the beer store to restock your supply, use the following tips to perfect your pour.

How to Pour the Perfect Beer

1. Get the Temperature Right

Similar to wines, beers have ideal serving temperatures. A beer that's too cold retains carbon dioxide longer, which hides its flavor. Serve it too warm and it will foam too much and taste flat.

If you have a wide selection, set your bottle chiller's temperature in the 40s, which is the ideal range for many brew types. You can also ask the folks at your beer store for more in-depth temperature tips for your preferred drinks. 

2. Choose Your Glass

beer storeYou can pour beer into any cup, but if you're after the best taste, smell, and drinking experience, serve it in a proper glass. Beer mugs can keep your brew cold for longer periods, as the handles prevent your hands from warming up the drink. Short and stout glasses deliver a more concentrated flavor, while tall, thin wares direct the brew’s aroma to your nose as you drink.

3. Tilt Before You Pour

Pouring beer straight into your glass will create too much foam. To avoid this, tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle and make sure the brew is flowing gently down the inside of the mug.

You can hold the glass upright once you’ve poured half of the beer. This will result in the perfect amount of foam while maintaining the carbonation of your beverage.


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