Beer has been enjoyed around the world for thousands of years. It comes in unique styles that showcase various flavors, brewing techniques, and cultures. Knowing where to begin isn’t always easy when you want to start enjoying different brews. Below is a helpful guide you can use to choose a microbrew that intrigues you.

Understanding Different Beers


Lagers are the most recognizable type of beer and the best entry point. They’re generally light-colored—though there are dark brews—and go down smooth. Lagers are originally from the German-Austrian region of Northern Europe and gain their distinct flavor and texture from a regional yeast used during fermentation.

These are the feature drinks from microbrew and macro-brewers like Pabst Blue Ribbon® and Coors®, and you’ll find a wide range of flavor intensities as you explore different ales.


micro brewMany people confuse lagers for ales. The latter is far more complex, however. Ales can range from sweet and smooth to dark, full-bodied, and bitter. Brewing began in the Middle Ages; these beers served as an essential part of nutrition among the working class.

A lot of doors open once you’ve graduated from lagers to understanding niche brews. Try a Belgian-style blonde, an amber ale, or Irish red ale to explore.


India pale ales (IPAs) are part of the pale ale family known for their hoppiness and high alcohol content. Large amounts of malts and hops are added throughout the brewing process to create these beers, and flavors vary from region to region. They get their name from sailors traveling to India that added more hops to their beer to preserve it, resulting in the signature bitter flavor.

West Coast IPAs are crisp, fruity, and bitter. British IPAs are simpler, with a single prominent flavor alongside the bitterness. New England Style IPAs are uncharacteristically smooth and taste like a fruit dessert.


Stouts are dark, heavy beers. They often feature notes of chocolate, coffee, or oats, which is why there are many dessert and breakfast varieties. They’re brewed with blackened, roasted grains, which create their dark color and high alcohol content. These beers are an acquired taste, so it’s best to begin with an ale or lager. 


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