If your home or business uses a septic tank for waste removal, then you should install a sewage pump as a way of improving your system’s performance. Sewage pumps can help reduce clogs and buildup, keep materials flowing steadily, and remove waste from low spaces like basements. Here are a few ways your septic system can benefit from the installation of a sewage pump.

What Are the Benefits of a Sewage Pump?

1. Establish an Even Flow

When you install a sewage pump to assist your septic tank system, it will be able to help keep the flow of liquids and waste even and consistent. An even flow from the sewer line to the tank is important for maintaining the movement of waste materials to their intended destination. 

2. Work Quickly

Sewage pumps can move as much as 200 gallons of matter per minute, handling your sewage removal in a quick and straightforward process. Slow-moving systems can result in clogs and otherwise reduce the efficiency of your septic tank system. 

3. Eliminate Waste Buildup

sewage pumpBecause it can move waste quickly and steadily, a sewage pump can thereby help your system avoid the buildup of waste materials. This is especially important when toilets and drains have improper materials flushed down them.

4. Fights Against Gravity

If you have a bathroom in your basement or cellar, you’ll need a sewage pump to eject waste materials up, out, and into your septic tank system. A sewage ejector pump will be necessary for these types of situations, when gravity is working against you.


If your septic system hasn’t been performing at peak efficiency, it might be time to invest in a sewage pump. For all of your septic pumping and repair needs, contact the professionals at B’s Pumping Service in Lakeville, MN. Call (952) 469-2573 today to schedule a consultation, or visit their website to learn more about their services.