With winter approaching, preparing your asphalt driveway now is critical to extending its life. Ice and snow inflict severe damage on asphalt unless preventative measures are taken, since the material expands and contracts in response to temperature fluctuations. Keep your asphalt in excellent condition throughout the coldest months with these tips.

Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Asphalt During Winter

1. Remove Debris & Check for Standing Water

Give your asphalt driveway a good cleaning and check for standing water before winter weather hits. Any debris left on the surface as the temperature drops may freeze and cause damage, especially if it contains chemicals that break down asphalt. Clearing debris and eliminating standing water also promotes efficient, safe snow removal.

2. Repair Cracks & Holes

Take inventory of your asphalt and hire your local paving contractor to make any repairs to cracks and potholes. Allowing snow and ice to infiltrate damaged areas of your asphalt driveway enlarges them, resulting in more challenging and expensive repairs.

3. Apply Sealantasphalt

Have your paving contractor apply a quality sealant to your asphalt to protect it from the elements. Sealant provides an extra layer of protection that resists damage from melting snow and ice as well as sunlight, de-icers, gasoline, and motor oil. 

4. Use Markers to Protect From Snow Plows

Put out reflective markers to make it clear where your asphalt driveway begins. That way, damaging snow plows are less likely to encroach on your asphalt. 

5. Avoid De-Icing Products

Keep your shovel to get rid of snow from the driveway as necessary instead of de-icing products. Many de-icers such as rock salt break down the binders in asphalt, resulting in premature wear and damage. If you must use a de-icer, look for one that will not penetrate the driveway surface, such as potassium chloride.

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