Your parking lot is the first aspect most guests and visitors to your business will see, so it’s important to keep the asphalt in prime condition. Potholes and cracks not only make your entire location look run-down, but they also present a tripping hazard for which you could be held liable. Fortunately, being proactive and taking steps to prevent potholes can minimize the damage and add years to the useful life of your asphalt. Below, find out how to prevent potholes and prolong the life of your asphalt. 

How to Prevent Potholes in Your Parking Lot

1. Seal Cracks

parking lotPotholes are usually caused by water penetrating the surface, working its way down, and corroding the structure from the inside. Sealing the small cracks that let water inside slows the erosion and keeps small imperfections from becoming major problems.

2. Install an Overlay

Overlays are a more permanent solution to cracked asphalt by sealing gaps and adding some additional strength to the structure. To install an overlay, your contractor will usually scrape off any deteriorating asphalt before replacing it with a layer of compressed paving material.

3. Patch the Surface 

Existing potholes can usually be filled with asphalt, which is compressed down into the gap and sealed. However, because this approach doesn’t address the underlying issues that caused the pothole in the first place, patches are typically temporary.

4. Reconstruct the Damaged Area

If only part of your parking lot is degrading, a partial reconstruction may be a viable option. Reconstruction involves removing the affected area, including the foundation below the asphalt, and replacing it with new construction. While this is usually the most costly option, it also provides the longest-lasting, most durable results.


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