Well-designed parking lots make commercial properties easier and safer for customers to traverse. If you’re building a new shopping mall, paving contractors will plan a layout that protects patrons and improves their experience. Here are a handful of design elements that ensure law compliance and improve navigation.

How to Plan a Parking Lot for a Shopping Mall

1. Determine the Number of Spaces

Professionals traditionally recommend a 3:1 ratio when calculating how much parking space a property needs. For instance, if the mall is 50,000 square feet, the parking lot should be at least 150,000 square feet.

To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you’ll also need to include accessible spaces. Use this chart to determine the minimum number of ADA-compliant spaces mandated by New York. 

2. Create Sufficient Room

The size of a standard parking space is about 9 feet wide and 18 feet long. You might want to make spots slightly wider so that shopping carts can fit between vehicles without causing damage.

parking lotADA-compliant spaces must be wide enough to accommodate ramps, walkers, and wheelchairs. New York State requires accessible spots to be 8 to 11 feet in width, with adjacent access aisles of five to eight feet wide.

3. Use Slanted Spots 

Adding spaces in a 45-degree angle saves room, allowing you to include more spots in the lot.

These spots only allow traffic to travel one way down the aisle. One-way traffic decreases the chances of collisions, making your lot safer. 

4. Include Signage & Markings

By law, parking lots must have stop, yield, and speed limit signs to promote the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Additionally, the lot should have clearly painted lines to demarcate spaces, arrows to direct the flow of traffic, and striped pedestrian walkways.

Handicapped-accessible spaces must include the international standard handicap symbol in white and blue paint. 


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