It’s not easy to be a clinician in the winter. Hospitals swell with the flu, pneumonia, and hypothermia. Clinicians everywhere are stressed enough as it is, with two 2014 Mayo Clinic studies showing clinician burnout to have soared to 54%. A comprehensive clinician burnout study by NEJM Catalyst revealed that “decreased quality of care” and “effect on the attitude of the rest of the health care team” are the most commonly suspected causes of this epidemic. As a leader in New York, D.C., and Philadelphia collaborative medicine, Metro Collaborative™ has created a holistic workshop that could address both sides of the issue.

Collaborative Healthcare with a Beautiful Backdrop

MetroWellness Retreat Collaborative’s™ Reflect, Relax, Renew, 5-day retreat brings participants to the lovely Villa Serena for a lesson in relaxation, interdisciplinary approaches, contemporary ideas on nutrition, and clinician collaboration. This exercise in collaborative healthcare will show clinicians how nutrition-based healing can both improve their patients’ health and reduce their own stress. Those concerned about standards of care will see how quickly detox, cleansing, and proper nutrition can make a difference in one’s life—and then learn how to extend the benefits to their own patients.

An Open Forum

The same NEJM Catalyst study is clear: clinicians do not believe burnout being discussed seriously enough. It’s a difficult topic. Some practices might not even have time to bring it up, and others might not be seen as open forums. Daily relaxation, exercise, and calming Caribbean tides at the Villa Serena will uplift attitudes and invite candid discussion. That’s what makes this retreat truly collaborative: clinicians will be able to speak with others in the industry, forging important connections. It only takes one trip to see that there are many others concerned about clinician burnout. Previous attendees have returned to their practices reassured that clinician burnout is just another issue the healthcare industry will solve.

The Villa Serena is a place of learning and relaxation, a breath of fresh Caribbean air. Just one visit can remind clinicians of the difference they make in patients’ lives every day and connect them to like minds in their industry. Learn more about Metro Collaborative’s™ Reflect, Relax, Renew retreat by calling them at (609) 876-9163 or visiting their website.