It can seem nearly impossible to keep rodents and insects away from your home, especially if you’ve experienced pest issues in the past, but don’t lose hope. Nance Pest Control is an experienced exterminator in Churchville, VA, and believes future infestations are easily preventable with a series of simple steps. The only thing required is a willingness to take action and implement the pest control methods proven to be most effective. 

There are several ways you could go about warding off unwanted pests, but Nance Pest Control considers the following three steps to be the best in the business:

Clear Away Any Debris

exterminatorWhether it’s chopping down a tree or trimming the branches on a bush, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a collection of bushes stacked somewhere on the property. Since rodents and insects prefer to make their homes in the shelter these piles provide, exterminators strongly suggest keeping debris away from the house. This could deter any unwanted guests and will prevent easy access to the structure.

Seal Windows & Doors

One of the prime entry points for pests is through cracks in the window and door frames. Any type of opening, large or small, acts as an open invitation to outdoor critters and drastically increases your chances of a future infestation if not properly sealed. Eliminate this possibility by scheduling an inspection with your local exterminator, so you can ensure all openings are sufficiently closed off.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Food is a major factor when it comes to pest issues. Whether it’s crumbs in the cabinets or smears of sauce on the counters, the little bits that aren’t cleaned up can be detected by a rodent or insect in a matter of minutes. The best way to prevent future incidents is to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Mop up messes right away. Scoop crumbs into the garbage can. Any little step you take will go a long way toward keeping your home pest-free.  

If you suspect an infestation, don’t wait to call Nance Pest Control. These exterminators have been trained in the latest insect and rodent control methods and will perform a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the issue. Call (540) 337-7100 to speak directly with one of their specialists, and visit the website for additional information.