Construction sand and gravel options range from the tiniest particles to large pieces of rock. Some create solid surfaces that stand up to foot traffic, while others are ideal for drainage around homes and businesses. Consider these five sand and gravel options as you move forward with your construction project.

5 Sand & Gravel Options for Construction

1. Coarse Crushed Limestone Gravel

Coarse crushed limestone is the largest type of construction gravel. It is frequently utilized in construction projects because of its ability to support heavy loads and promote necessary drainage. Coarse gravel subsequently works well beneath pavers and other types of construction.

2. Pit or Coarse Sand

Pit or coarse sand features thick, hard, often sharp particles. It is extracted from natural deposits in the earth and used for mortar formation because it creates strong, if not entirely smooth, cement. Pit sand is different from what is found on the beach, as the particle size is larger.

3. Crushed Clean Stone

sandThis type of crushed stone aggregate is washed to prevent excessive dust problems and comes in a number of sizes. It is often used as a drainage option in septic drain fields, retaining wall drains, and drains located on the edges of roads. This gravel is also used to produce ready-mix concrete, lime, railroad ballast, and filter stone.

4. Fine Limestone Gravel

Fine limestone gravel is coarser than sand, yet features particles small enough to create solid, compacted surfaces. It is not applicable for drainage projects but provides fantastic support for patios, indoor flooring featuring pavers, and covered enclosures, such as sunrooms. It is not strong enough for driveway applications, however.

5. River Sand

Obtained from river banks and beds, this construction sand comes in coarse and fine options. The former is preferred for construction use because finer sand contains too much dust. River sand offers numerous applications, including the mixing of plaster because particles are rounder than artificial sand and create a much smoother finish.


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