Ready mix concrete is a crucial component of any major construction project because it’s a relatively easy mixture to work with. However, there are extra precautions that need to be taken when the temperature rises, as heat could compromise the result. If you’re working on a project this summer, follow these tips to get the perfect pour.

How to Use Ready Mix Concrete in Hot Weather

1. Presoak the Area

Before the team pours the concrete, lightly spray the ground, rebar, and forms of the structure with water. This will slow the rate of hydration once the concrete is poured and prevent the mixture from drying quickly. Make sure to spray the surface with enough water to encourage evaporation, but not so much that it saturates the area.

2. Pour the Mixture Quickly

Ready Mix ConcreteHeat increases the chances for a quick set, which compromises the pour’s structural integrity. To avoid this, pour the ready mix concrete immediately after the team mixes it before it sets. Make sure that everyone on the project follows proper protocol to prevent a quick set. If possible, plan to pour the mixture during the morning or evening, when the temperature is lower.

3. Set Up Blockers

Sunshades and windbreaks are critical when pouring ready mix concrete in hot weather, as they block harsh rays and create a more friendly environment to get the job done correctly. Windbreaks are crucial because they block gusts of wind from blowing the mixture and creating an uneven surface. 



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