The right type of mortar mixture plays a major role in the quality of your construction project. The substance is used to construct units made with stones, bricks, and blocks and provide stability to the structure. There are several different types of mixes available, all of which are designed to accommodate varying needs. Here is what you need to know about various sand, lime, and cement blends.

Exploring Various Mortar Mixes

What Are the Different Types of Blends?

There are four specific types of mortar sand mixes: S, N, O, and M. Each of these contains different proportions of the key ingredients, including lime, sand, and cement. The result is a mixture that is designed to enhance the integrity of the project. A specific blend may be used, for example, to improve stability or flexibility.  

Why Are Different Blends Supplied?

sandDifferent projects have very different needs. Contractors may require a mortar mix to protect the structure from the wrath of heavy wind and soil erosion, for example, or from the wrath of potent ultraviolet rays or inclement weather conditions. The ingredients are mixed to meet those specific demands so that contractors can create a strong and reliable finished product. At a bare minimum, the blend must bond powerfully, adhere well when exposed to heavy weights, and tolerate fluctuations in temperature without losing its integrity.

How Do You Determine the Right Mix?

Type S sand mixes are used in environments where soil pressure, moisture intrusion, and heavy winds are concerns. The product is often used in below-grade projects, including walkways and sewers. It’s often used in earthquake-prone zones for its stabilizing prowess. Contractors use type N mixes for above-grade, exterior projects that are at risk of damage due to weather exposure, such as chimneys. It’s a reliable blend that supports load-bearing structures well, and can also be used on interior projects. Type O is not as strong, and therefore best suited to non-load-bearing objects and interior use. It’s a smart choice for repairs because it provides supportive stability to an existing product. The most substantial is type M, which is often used in below-grade projects like driveways, sidewalks, and home foundations. Its inherent strength makes it an excellent choice for anything that comes into direct contact with the ground.


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