If you’re a gardening or landscaping enthusiast, you know that not all soil is the same. Different plants thrive in different conditions, and the make-up of your soil can be a significant factor in how your garden grows. Topsoil sand is a unique additive to the uppermost layer of soil, called topsoil. Below, learn more about what topsoil sand is how it could fit into your own horticultural projects.

What is Topsoil Sand?

In your garden or planter, topsoil is the first few inches of soil at the top that covers the earth where the roots grow. Topsoil sand is a type of sand specifically made to mix into this layer to create a ratio of sand to dirt that conditions the soil to help plants succeed. In a typical mix, sand usually makes up between half and two-thirds of the soil, with about a quarter of the composition being silt, and the rest being gardening clay.

What is it Used For?

topsoil sandTopsoil sand is traditionally used in gardening to add to the top-level layer to change its texture. It breaks up otherwise dense soil, leaving room for more air between the small grains of sand. It can be put into topsoils in gardens, planting pots, or any other place where you’re growing plants.

Topsoil sand is best in areas where a more malleable soil is needed to help your plants prosper, especially in the early stages of growth.

Why is Topsoil Beneficial?

Topsoil sand is designed to loosen up compacted soil. Not only is this helpful for allowing more water, air, and nutrients to circulate, it enables new roots to push through more easily. This is especially useful when you’re growing plants with big root systems, like vegetables.

While topsoil sand is ideal for a variety of gardening projects, some flora especially thrive in sandy soils. These include the Bearded Iris, Russian sage, Black-Eyed Susan, and Autumn Joy. Sandy soils help these plants grow by retaining warmth and encouraging adequate drainage.


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