Buildings and concrete projects continue throughout winter. However, special consideration must be given when working with concrete in cold weather as a slab can gain or lose effectiveness based on the temperature. Here are some do’s and don’t when working with ready mix concrete during the winter.


Use real-time temperature sensors.

It’s critical to ensure the ground is warm enough for concrete. Use temperature sensors to provide information in real-time. This alleviates concerns about improper curing, which can lead to cracking and a loss of strength in the slab’s surface layer.

Warm your concrete.

ready mix concreteConcrete freezes at temperatures of -4°C or lower. Warm a fresh concrete pour until it has reached the necessary compressive strength measurement. A portable heater can be used, but be careful not to heat it too much, since high temperatures can also weaken the slab. 

Use a concrete sealer. 

Concrete sealers provide additional resistance, so use them for concrete that will be exposed to cold temperatures. The sealer protects the slab from absorbing the water and salt that it will come into contact with during the winter. Failing to properly seal concrete can lead to staining and corrosion.


Pour concrete onto frozen ground.

Using ready mix concrete on frozen ground can ruin an entire project. When the ground thaws as the weather warms, it settles into a new position. If concrete is poured on top, it will not cure correctly and will crack.  

Use cold tools.

Make sure to use warm tools as well. When cold metal tools come into contact with concrete, it can quickly lower the temperature of the mix and weaken it. Keep your tools in your truck until you’re ready to use them or wrap them in a blanket and keep them next to space heaters, which you can also use to warm the ready mix concrete.

Schedule the work too late in the day.

It gets darker sooner during the winter. Make sure to adjust the work schedule accordingly by starting the job earlier. Take advantage of the daylight and higher temperatures and pour during the day.


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