Whether you’re designing a retaining wall garden or a new front yard, the existing soil may not be enough to sustain plantings. Luckily, there are a number of products on the market today designed to improve the sand, clay, or dirt foundation you’re growing plants on, such as garden soil and topsoil. However, you may not know which option to choose. If you’re not sure how these two soils differ, take a look at the guide below.


This form of soil can be found on the very top of the Earth’s crust. As a result, it’s the optimal soil type for planting grasses, flowers, shrubs, and other plants. Below the topsoil are other, less accommodating forms of soil, such as those rich in rocks and sand. 

Topsoil is soft and fertile, thanks to its significant organic content. Small pieces of grass, bark, and leaves fill this soil, and all inorganic debris (plastic, paper, and metal) has been filtered out, so it remains a healthy environment for living things. You may lay down a new layer of topsoil before adding sod to your lawn or to fill in the base layer of a flower bed.

Garden Soil

sandInside a bag of garden soil, you’ll find an enriched form of topsoil, which is designed to help gardens flourish. However, garden soil doesn’t only contain naturally-occurring organic matter like leaves and bark—it has been supplemented with other types, such as composted food scraps, manure, fungi. Garden soil may also incorporate specific types of soil, such as sandy or clay-based soils, which certain plants favor. 

Therefore, you can choose your garden soil based on the plants you’d like to feature in your garden. This enriched soil may be used in edible garden beds, hanging baskets, window boxes, and other planters. If you first lay down topsoil on a rocky base, garden soil can be added on top to help delicate plants thrive.


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