Whether you're pouring a concrete patio or a beautiful new driveway, it's important to prepare in advance. However, preparation includes more than having the right equipment and tools for the job. You'll also need to plan for the concrete itself. Fortunately, when working with a ready-mix concrete supplier, the process is relatively easy. Use the guide below to learn how.

How Much Do You Need?

Ready-mix concrete is typically sold by the cubic yard with the average concrete truck containing between nine and 11 yards. For comparison, one cubic yard of concrete is equal to approximately nine wheelbarrows of concrete.

To determine how much concrete your job will require, you'll first need to determine the volume. This can be accomplished by multiplying the thickness, the width, and the length of the project after it's been converted into yards. Once your numbers have been estimated, add five to 10 percent more concrete to your total to account for waste or miscalculation.

Ensuring proper measurement is important when ordering your concrete. Ordering too little will result in having to pay for a new delivery, while ordering too much may cost you in disposal fees. 

How to Prepare for Delivery

ready-mix concreteWhen you're ready to place an order, give your supplier advanced notice as to when you want your concrete delivered. Confirm your order the day before your scheduled delivery date to ensure you're prepared for their arrival.

Before delivery, make sure you have a suitable location for the supplier to park their mixing truck. If the truck cannot be parked nearby, you may need to hire a concrete pump to transport it from the truck to the site. Prepare the ground where the concrete will be poured before the delivery day to ensure adequate time to address any issues.

Make sure the ground is level and free of loose debris. Use an appropriate subgrade that has been sufficiently compacted, and check your frame and formwork before arrival to ensure it's strong enough to support the load.


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