If you’re looking for ways to transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis, you might consider adding a Zen garden. This type of sand-based garden was popularized in Japan and is known for its calming effects. Here’s a guide to help you bring a sense of tranquility to your yard.

What Is a Zen Garden?

A Zen garden is a small, enclosed landscape with various features that are designed to replicate nature. First created by Zen Buddhist monks in the sixth century, the idea is to provide a space to feel calm and meditate. 

The base is normally made of sand, which can be raked to create small circles or ripples that look like waves. These gardens also include rocks or boulders to represent islands, plants to bring greenery into the space, and water features such as fountains.

sandThey can be enclosed in small containers and placed on a desk or around a home. However, they can also be used as life-sized gardens that are installed outdoors. You can move around rocks and rake the sand as part of a daily calming practice. All the different elements allow you to connect with nature right in your own home or yard.

How to Make One

If you’re interested in adding a Zen garden to your yard, start by outlining a flat portion of the ground where it can be installed. Use stones or bricks to set up walls around the space. Then, fill it in with white sand or gravel, spreading it out with a hoe or steel rake.

From there, you can add large rocks, hedges, and water features wherever you desire. Remember that the symbolism of the stones is one of the most important features of a Zen garden. Upright or vertical stones can be used to represent trees, while flat, horizontal stones symbolize water.


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