Bunkers add extra obstacles and directional clarity to golf courses. If you’re in charge of building or renovating a course, adding these features requires careful planning. Everything from the sand you use to the size of each bunker impacts maintenance requirements as well as player enjoyment. Here are some tips to consider.

How to Design Quality Bunkers for Golf Courses

1. Choose the Right Sand

The sand you pick doesn’t just impact the look of your course, it also impacts playability. Opt for cut sand with large granules, since this type tends to drain more efficiently than fine sand. From there, you can consider color and appearance—light shades with little variance tend to be popular for golf courses, but it varies by location and preference.

2. Pick a Size & Location 

Bunkers can make a hole more difficult, but they can also prevent balls from going too far beyond the green or into other areas of play. When renovating a course, plot out trouble areas where balls tend to get lost, like near bodies of water or trees, and include larger bunkers in those spots.

Alternatively, if you want to make certain holes less difficult, you might minimize bunkers or make them a bit shallower.

3. Edge Carefully

sandYou don’t want sand from bunkers going all over the fairway. Prevent this by including curved or elevated edges of grass that run around the bunker. Since the height of these edges can make it difficult for golfers to get out of the sand trap, only add high edges if you want to make them work for it.

4. Include Drainage

If water collects in your sand traps each time it rains, it will be difficult for golfers to get out of those spots. Aside from choosing the right sand, add a liner underneath that allows water to seep through and include drainage stone like gravel that prevents moisture from collecting.


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