Children can learn a variety of skills by playing in sandboxes. Whether they draw figures in the sand with their fingers, build castles, or bury their toys, sandboxes allow children to engage all of their senses, exercise their imaginations, and experiment with ideas. Like any outdoor feature, though, sandboxes require maintenance to keep users safe and healthy. Here are some tips for keeping your facility's sandbox clean and sanitary.

3 Ways to Keep Sandboxes Clean

1. Inspect the Sand Regularly

Over time, a sandbox can easily collect unwanted debris, such as sticks, rocks, and pieces of broken sand toys. These items can contain sharp edges that can injure tiny hands and feet, so carefully inspect the sand every week. Many sandbox owners use kitchen strainers or cat litterbox scoopers to sieve the sand, catching debris for easy removal.

2. Install a Sandbox Cover

sand-north-carolinaSandbox covers are widely available to protect the contents inside. These highly effective aids keep sandboxes clean and extend the sand's life. They help protect the sand from outdoor elements, such as wind, insects, and erosion. Most of all, they prevent animals such as stray cats from using the sandbox as a toilet. 

3. Replace Sand Routinely

Sand is a naturally-occurring element vulnerable to being soiled by bacteria and germs. It can become contaminated from rain, air pollution, and users, so sandbox owners must replace the play sand every year. More frequent changes might be necessary if your daycare or preschool experiences an outbreak of the flu, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), or pink eye. 

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