Latin food is known for its broad mix of ingredients and rich earthy flavors. That is because it’s just as diverse as the people and culture from which it originates. As such, this type of food comes with enough varied and delicious tastes to please any palate, but here are some other reasons to serve Latin food at your next event.

3 Reasons to Pick Latin Food for Catering

1. Learn About the Rich Culture

Latin food goes beyond the usual guacamole, quesadillas, and tacos—there are varied cooking styles distinct to each culture and region. Coastal countries like Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico incorporate fish and seafood in their cuisine, so if you’re not the one for beef, a fresh ceviche might delight you. Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay have strong influences from Spanish and Italian cuisine, which make for hearty dishes like churrasco and steak with chimichurri. Of the three, Brazil has the most diverse culture reflected in its cuisine, counting influences from Native Indians, Africans, Germans, Lebanese, and Japanese as well. For landlocked countries like Paraguay, corn, and yucca are abundant and considered as staples in meals.

2. It’s Healthy

Latin foodA common misconception is that all Latin food is fried and smothered in cheese. While foods like chile rellenos are heavy on cheese and empanadas are fried, many of the staples in Latin cuisine are vegetable and grain based. Corn, Roma tomatoes and squash are popular nutrient-rich ingredients used in Latin dishes, as are beans, rice, and quinoa, which are high in fiber and protein. Plus, many Latin dishes that include meat can be sauteed instead of fried and come out tasting just as delicious.

3. Spark Lively Conversations

A menu of Latin food is an effective way to encourage discussions. Most people will have a story or two about their experience on the food, or perhaps share another way of cooking it. For instance, salsa may be a staple in Latin cuisine, but if you want to try another sauce, dip into the green aji criollo of Ecuador, chimichurri of Argentina, or aji amarillo of Peru—just ask the people whom you’re sharing a meal with. 



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