After a long work week, there’s nothing like waking up late and going to brunch. This combination of breakfast and lunch is a wonderful way to start your Saturday or Sunday, especially if you go out with loved ones. Here are a few reasons to partake in this dining experience. 

Why You Should Go Out to Brunch on Weekends

1. More Culinary Variety Than Breakfast

Because it’s situated between two meals, cafes and restaurants have a bit more leeway on what’s offered. Not only do they often serve heartier dishes than they would for breakfast, but you can get more than just coffee, tea, or orange juice. Many locations offer delicious brunch cocktails, such as mimosas or sangria.

2. Catch Up Time

brunchAlthough you can certainly enjoy brunch on your own, the laid back atmosphere is the perfect setting to spend time with friends or family. It also makes for an excellent date. 

Compared to weekday lunch breaks, they don’t have short time constraints, so you chat much more leisurely while enjoying your meal. Brunch is also less formal than dinner, so both parties can show up in casual attire. 

3. Extra Sleep

Brunch also gives you a few more hours to sleep. While this may sound like a minor indulgence, for some, it’s a health necessity. Sleep deprivation is becoming more common as many people struggle to get even six hours of sleep.

Continual deprivation can negatively affect memory, metabolism, and mood. If you haven’t been sleeping well, schedule a brunch with a friend and sleep in this weekend.


If you want to start your weekend right, stop by Mamajuana Cafe Queens in Woodside, NY. This Dominican restaurant is known for their weekend brunch parties. During their Sabroso Saturdays, they offer an “all you can eat” buffet complete with an omelet station and bottomless mimosas and sangria. On Sundays, they host a Pura Vida party, which offers more food options. Both days include music and other forms of entertainment. Learn more about these events on their website or call (718) 565-6454 to make a reservation.