During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are staying in as much as possible. Restaurants have seen a drop in business, and have adapted by offering more delivery and takeout. This way, customers don’t have to leave their homes to enjoy a meal. Here’s why you should order from your local Latin restaurant, even while practicing social distancing.

Why Order Latin Food From a Restaurant?

1. Help the Restaurant Support the Staff

Buying a meal from a Latin restaurant supports everyone who works there. The revenue from each meal helps pay the wages of kitchen staff, servers, and delivery workers. Ordering Latin cuisine also gives community members an opportunity to show appreciation for the staff’s hard work during this difficult time with a thank you and a tip.

2. Boost the Local Economy

The pandemic has come with many large-scale economic concerns. Supporting local businesses can help address some of these problems. Latin restaurants and other small businesses pay local taxes on their income, contributing to the community’s public services and maintenance.

They also employ people from your neighborhood, who not only live off this income, but also spend money at other local establishments. Some restaurants even donate unused food, which supports vulnerable community members who might not have reliable access to food.

3. Enjoy Good Food

Latin RestaurantStaying indoors and cooking every day can get tiring. Getting to enjoy a meal you love or a dish you’ve never tried before can keep your mood positive.

Food from a local restaurant can be a change in your routine and a delight for the senses. It’s also a chance to bond and enjoy a family meal together. So call your favorite Latin restaurant, place an order, and enjoy family time with excellent food.



If you’re looking for a local Latin restaurant to order dinner from, choose Mamajuana Cafe Queens in Woodside, NY. Their restaurant is still open for pickup and delivery in Queens, with a wide selection of delicious tacos, empanadas, and even Latino sushi rolls. Browse their menu online and call (718) 565-6454 to place your order.