When it comes to your HVAC system, knowing a little bit about its components can help ensure you provide with the best possible care year round. Two of your air conditioner’s most important parts are its condensing unit and its compressor, which is why the difference between the two is broken down for you below. If you’re committed keeping up with your HVAC unit’s preventative maintenance, take a look at the following facts. 

Difference Between Your HVAC System’s Condenser & Compressor

Condenser Contains the Compressor & Other Integral Parts

One of the big differences between your AC’s condenser and the compressor is that the latter is part of your system’s condensing unit, which is installed on the outside of your home. A condensing unit contains a fan for blowing cool air into your HVAC system; it also contains a condensing coil, which extracts the heat from the refrigerant created during the cooling process, depositing it outside. Lastly, your condensing unit is equipped with a compressor, designed to move the refrigerant through your air conditioning system. 

Compressor Is Integral in the Cooling Process 

HVACYour HVAC system’s compressor plays an important role in the cooling process; without it, your condensing unit would be useless. This is because its sole responsibility is to compress gas to a liquid and then pump it through a highly pressurized system of coils located inside of your condensing unit. It then enters a chamber where it’s allowed to return to a gaseous state, absorbing heat from the atmosphere during the process—this cold air is then pumped into your home. 

Both Components Need Proper Maintenance  

To provide your home with the most efficient HVAC services possible, both condensing units and your compressor coils need to be regularly cleaned and serviced. Additionally, make sure no plants, yard debris, or other objects block the airflow of your outdoor condensing unit. Inspect it regularly, removing leaves that have fallen around it or branches gathered over time. 


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