Your home insurance policy covers many potential sources of damage. However, did you know that it can also cover your fence? Below is a brief guide to how fencing can affect your home insurance policy.

How Can Fencing Affect Your Home Insurance Rates?

Fencing Around Your Property

Since fences can add to your home’s security, similar to an alarm or security camera system, your insurer usually will reward you with lower rates. Talk with your insurance specialist about which type of fence the company prefers as well as if and how the fencing will lower your rates before you move forward with the installation.

Fencing Around Your Pool

Home Insurance

Alabama requires all in-ground pools—and most above-ground—to have a fence since they can pose a danger. Because they promote safety for both your family and neighbors, you may receive a lower rate on your insurance.

What Damage Is Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

If a Tree Falls on Your Fence

If you have a healthy tree on your property—one that does not show any signs of rotting or negligence—and it falls on your fence, your insurance company will cover the accident. Similarly, if a neighbor’s aging tree falls onto your fence, your insurer will contact and involve your neighbor’s insurance company. Make sure to maintain the trees in your yard as well as to keep an eye on the health of your neighbor’s. This can save you from having to file any claims with your insurance or against your neighbor. 

If Storms or Vandalism Damage Your Fence

Home insurance policies can also cover you if storms or vandals damage your fence. When the weather is to blame, you only need to contact your insurance provider. However, when someone vandalizes your fence, contact the police as well before filing a report.

If Another Person's Car Crashes Into Your Fence

Insurers can also cover the damage when someone other than you or your family crashes into your fence, but it’s advised to file a claim against the driver’s car insurance. Since Alabama requires a minimum of $25,000 property damage liability, the driver's policy may cover the cost so you don't have to file a claim with your homeowners insurance provider.


If you plan on installing a fence around your home, contact Tim Bryan Insurance to help you negotiate a lower home insurance rate. He will be able to find a policy that covers your general needs as well as the ones specific to the Andalusia, AL, area. Call (334) 222-1460 to schedule an appointment or visit his website to learn more about home, auto, life, or business insurance policies.