As an essential expense for every driver, paying for car insurance may be something you don’t think a lot about. However, it’s important to note that the amount you should pay—and the coverage benefits you can receive—can change over time, especially if you shop around with different providers. If you’re currently covered, here’s what you should know about reviewing your auto insurance options and when you should update it.  

What Are the Benefits of Reevaluating Auto Insurance?

Lower Rates

The primary reason you should investigate your coverage options is that rates can change from provider to provider. Some common reasons that you might be able to score a lower premium include commuting less, moving to a safer location, vehicle depreciation, and the economy.

Better Coverage

Although car insurance policies are similar, some providers may offer better or additional benefits that you’re currently not receiving. For example, some companies may include emergency roadside assistance for the same price as a provider that doesn’t.

When Should You Review Your Coverage Options?

When It’s Time to Renew

In general, it’s best to look over your options whenever your policy is set for renewal. With this approach, you’ll be less likely to incur early cancellation fees should you decide to switch.

You’ve Purchased a New Car

car insuranceA new vehicle may have different coverage needs as your previous car. Since you’re starting fresh with a different vehicle, it’s also worth looking at how various providers could cover your car—and how much it would cost.

You’re Covering a New Driver

Not all insurance companies view teen drivers as risky as others. If you’re welcoming a new motorist in your family, get quotes from other providers before you add them to your existing policy.

What Should You Consider When Reexamining Your Coverage Needs?

Coverage Needs

Every driver should have minimum liability coverage as required by the state. However, you might need more if you are leasing a vehicle, using your car for work, or want or avoid losses to non-collision risks—such as hail damage or vandalism.

Driving History

Having speeding tickets and other traffic violations on your record will usually increase your premium amount. If these past infractions have been cleared from your record, you may be able to get a better rate.

Provider Quotes

Since every insurance company calculates rates differently, you should get quotes from various providers that you trust.


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