When you need to ship something in Minneapolis, do you wonder if there’s a better way than going to the post office or creating a shipping label with a major delivery company? Thankfully, there is: a bicycle courier service! Below, On Time Delivery Services shares three reasons you may want a shipment via bike instead of a car, truck, or van.

3 Benefits of Using a Bicycle Courier Service

1. They’re Eco-Friendly

Today, many individuals and businesses are more aware of their carbon footprint. One of the best ways to minimize your environmental impact is to reduce the number of miles you drive. That pertains to shipping, too. By using a bicycle courier service for your delivery, you are opting out of gasoline-powered transport and choosing a more eco-friendly option instead.

2. You’re Supporting Individuals

bicycle courierWhen you send something via bicycle courier, you will work with individual people. By requesting this method of transit, you are helping provide jobs to people who benefit directly from you using their service. Since biking is healthy, you are also contributing to bettering the community by choosing this service.

3. It’s Faster

Bicycles don’t have to sit in traffic like vehicles do. Instead of dropping off hundreds of packages along a long route, bicycle couriers have a more direct purpose, usually delivering just one package at each locale. This reduces the chance of errors and makes for faster deliveries since bikes travel lighter — but they can still carry just about anything you want!

To enjoy the benefits of working with a bicycle courier service, turn to the team at On Time Delivery Services. The staff can provide deliveries across downtown Minneapolis in as few as 15 minutes, and they take great care to protect each package. Call (952) 884-4060 or visit the website for information about their on-demand delivery solutions.