Losing a loved one is never easy, but one of the best ways to honor their memory and move forward in the healing process is to create a beautiful memorial. If your loved one was a veteran, honoring them with a traditional headstone is an excellent way to remember them and their service. Review this guide to create a marker worthy of your family member’s legacy.

Designing the Headstone


When creating your loved one’s headstone, there are three key elements to consider: the material, the information, and the personalization.

For the material, many families opt for elegant, durable options that represent the honor and strength of the veteran, such as marble.

For the inscription, focus on highlighting key factors about your loved one’s life, including their family status, the years they lived, and their title in the armed forces.

For personalization, try to find ways to represent what made your loved one unique. For example, incorporate a beloved scripture if they were religious, or include a meaningful line from a favorite piece of work if they loved poetry or music.

Ordering the Headstone

Veterans are respected for the sacrifices they made and the services they provided to the United States, so the government covers the costs of their headstones. Typically, when you order your headstone through a funeral home, the director will handle the paperwork to cover the expenses. However, if you'd prefer to place the order yourself, you can complete a VA Form 40-1330, Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker.


If you need help putting together a beautiful memorial for your loved one, talk to the compassionate professionals at Derrick Monument Company Inc. Based in Le Roy, NY, their team has been guiding clients through the marker-making process since 1915. Visit their website to learn more about their headstone options, or call (585) 768-8470 to schedule an appointment today.